What is QTP / UFT?

QTP or Quick Test Professional is an Automated Testing Tool launched by HP that helps testers to perform automated testing. It helps in identifying the gaps, errors and defects in a particular application and is often compared with Selenium.

Why QTP / UFT ?

It is easy even for a non-programmer to understand QTP and start adding test cases Supports all popular Automation frameworks - Keyword driven testing approach, Data driven testing approach, Modular testing approach, Hybrid frameworks etc.

QTP comes with an inbuilt IDE, which is simple and easy to use.

Highly demanded skill in banking domain.

Who can Learn QTP / UFT?

  • Manual Testers / Test engineers / Test leads
  • Developers / Programmers
  • Freshers

The Tools specializes in offering courses that cover all-round knowledge and techniques of QTP Testing from basics to advanced. Read our course of content.

Course Content

  1. Introduction to Automation Testing
    1. What is Automation Testing?
    2. Why Automate?
    3. When to Automate?
    4. Which Test Cases to Automate?
    5. Different Automation tools
    6. Automation challenges & Mitigations
  2. QTP / UFT Evolution
    1. Top New Features in UFT
    2. Version History
    3. Installation Guide
  3. VB Scripting Part 1 [Expert View]
    1. VB Script syntax and Guidelines
    2. Variables and scope
    3. Environment variables
    4. Data Types and Constants
    5. Logical and Arithmetic Operators
    6. MsgBox, Print, InputBox
    7. Arrays and Dynamic Arrays
    8. Control Structure – Conditions, Loops, cases
  4. VB Scripting Part 2 [Expert View]
    1. Built-in Functions
    2. User Defined Functions
    3. Functions – Call by value and call by reference subroutines
    4. All String Functions
    5. Access Specifiers
    6. Function Libraries execution
  5. Starting to UFT
    1. Basic Recording of test scripts
    2. Actions and its Type of calls
    3. Normal Recording
    4. Low Level Recording
    5. Analog Recording
  6. Synchronization
    1. Need of Synchronization
    2. Different ways of Synchronizing the Tests
    3. Configuring Default Synchronization Time Out
    4. Exist Statement
    5. Wait Statement
    6. Wait property statement
  7. Object Repository and Identification
    1. What is Object Repository
    2. Object Identification process
    3. Object SPY
    4. Local Object Repository
    5. Shared Object Repository
    6. Mandatory Object Identification
    7. Assistive Object Identification
    8. Ordinal Identifier
    9. Smart Identification
    10. How QTP Identify the objects
  8. Parameterization Data Table
    1. Parameterization using Data Table
    2. Import from Excel to Data Table
    3. Export to Excel from data table
  9. Checkpoints
    1. Define checkpoints
    2. Types of Checkpoints
    3. Use standard checkpoints
  10. Descriptive programing
    1. DP Introduction
    2. Mix of object Repository and DP
    3. Child objects introduction
    4. Child objects introduction
    5. If there are 100 same type of objects into screen then will you add all 100 objects into OR – OR size will increase Drastically
    6. GetROProperty
    7. SetRoProperty
    8. SetToProperty
  11. Advanced VB Scripting
    1. Working with Excel objects
    2. Working with Database Testing
    3. WSH(Window Script Hosting)
    4. Working with File system Objects (FSO)
    5. Working with Dictionary Object
    6. Working with XML Util Object
    7. Working with DOM Object
    8. Working with outlook Emails (SMTP)
  12. Exception Handling & Debugging
    1. Exception Handling and types
    2. Recovery Scenario
    3. Regular Expression
    4. Code Debugging
    5. Watchers
    6. Reporting Tool
  13. Advanced win/ web Based controls
    1. Work with web table without web table functions
  14. UFT Automation Framework
    1. Test Script Modularity Driven
    2. Library Architecture
    3. Data Driven
    4. Keyword Driven
    5. Hybrid Driven
    6. Automation test strategy
    7. Notepad reporting
    8. HTML reporting
    9. Excel Reporting
  15. Additional skills
    1. Interview Questions complete set as per market demand
    2. Resume Preparation
    3. Mock Interviews
    4. Interview Tips for UFT
    5. Job Openings (creating group on watsapp and googlegroup)
    6. Automation test strategy
    7. Notepad reporting
    8. HTML reporting
    9. Excel Reporting

Highlights of the QTP / UFT course

  • 50 Hrs. of Hands on Training from Experienced faculty
  • More than 50 Assignments execution in class.
  • Includes all the Standard Practical Examples hands on training.
  • Includes all Real Time Scenarios faced during actual working in IT Projects
  • UFT is User Friendly Tool from HP and easy to learn
  • Availability of trainer Query/Doubt solving after course completion as well.
  • You will have an additional tool in your skill set.
  • Resume will be upgraded and open for Market to Automation World in IT.
  • More Exposure to scripting languages.









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