Informatica PowerCenter Designer

The Informatica training by The Tools is a 6-weeks training program in which students will learn the most relevant and up to date Informatica training. Master the aspects of Informatica administration, deploy Informatica for an automated, scalable, auditable approach to ETL testing, monitoring and more

Who should take this Informatica Training Course?

  1. ETL & SQL Developers and Business Intelligence Professionals
  2. Database & Mainframe Professionals, Project Managers

What are the prerequisites?

  1. You don’t need any specific skills to learn Informatica. Basic knowledge of SQL can be helpful

Course Content

  1. Introduction to Designer
    1. Configuring Designer Options
    2. Using Toolbars
    3. Navigating the Workspace
    4. Designer Tasks
    5. Viewing Mapplet and Mapplet Reports
  2. Working with Sources
    1. Working with Relational Sources
    2. Working with COBOL Sources
    3. Working with Cobol Source Files
  3. Working with Flat Files
    1. Importing Flat Files
    2. Editing Flat Files Definition
    3. Formatting Flat Files Column
    4. File Type – Direct/Indirect
  4. Working with Targets (File/Tables)
    1. Importing Target Definition
    2. Creating Target Definition from Source Definition
    3. Creating Target Definition from Transformations
    4. Creating Target tables
  5. Mappings
    1. Working with Mappings
    2. Connecting Mapping Objects
    3. Linking Ports
    4. Propagating Port Attributes
    5. Working with Targets in a Mapping
    6. Working with Relational Targets in a Mapping
    7. Validating a Mapping
    8. Using Workflow Generation Wizard
  6. Working with User-Defined Functions
  7. Using the Debugger
    1. Creating Breakpoints
    2. Configuring the Debugger
    3. Monitoring the Debugger
    4. Evaluating Expression
  8. Creating Cubes and Dimensions
  9. Using Mapping Wizard
  10. Naming Conventions
  11. Working with Transformations
    1. Aggregator Transformation
    2. Lookup Transformation
    3. Lookup Caches
    4. Normalizer Transformation
    5. Rank Transformation
    6. Router Transformation
    7. Sequence Generator Transformation
    8. Sorter Transformation
    9. Source Qualifier Transformation
    10. SQL Transformation
    11. Custom Transformation
    12. Expression Transformation
    13. External Transformation
    14. Filter Transformation
    15. Joiner Transformation
    16. Filter Transformation
    17. Filter Transformation
    18. Filter Transformation
  12. Workflow Manager
    1. Workflow Manager Options
    2. Navigating the Workspace
    3. Working with Repository Objects
    4. Copying Repository Objects
    5. Comparing Repository Objects
  13. Sessions
    1. Creating a Session Task
    2. Editing a Session
    3. Pre- and Post- Session Commands
  14. Workflow Monitor
    1. Using Workflow Monitor
    2. Customizing Workflow Monitor Options
    3. Working with Tasks and Workflows
    4. Using Gantt Chart View and Task View
  15. Validation
    1. Validating Tasks
    2. Validating Worklets
    3. Validating Session
    4. Validating Workflows
  16. Scheduling and Running Workflows
    1. Scheduling a Workflow
    2. Manually Starting a Workflow









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