Business Intelligence

Power BI

Project Based Learning

This training will enable you to rapidly analyze, transform and present data. Discover self-service business intelligence. Analyze your data, create interactive reports and share your findings throughout your organization


Power BI is very easy to learn tool and does not require any programming or scripting background. Anyone can working start working on this tool easily.

Duration and Fees

Power BI Desktop / Service Foundation, 6 week course.

  1. Introduction to Power BI
    1. Introduction to Data warehouse
    2. Data warehouse Tools
    3. What is Power BI?
    4. Power BI – Flow of Activity
    5. Building Blocks of Power BI
    6. Power BI – Primary Tools : Power Pivot, Power Query, Power View, Power Map, Power Q&A, Power BI Desktop
  2. Power BI Desktop
    1. Power BI Desktop – Install
    2. Data Sources and Connections
    3. Connect to Data in Power BI Desktop
    4. How to use Query Editor in Power BI
    5. Advanced Data Changes and Transformation
    6. Views in Power BI Desktop
    7. Modeling Data - Manage Data Relationship, Create Calculated Columns, Optimize Data Models
  3. Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
    1. What is DAX?
    2. Data Types in DAX
    3. Calculation Types
    4. DAX Functions : Date and Time, Time IIntelligence, Information, Logical, Mathematical, Statistical, Text, Aggregate Measures in DAX
    5. Table Relationships and DAX
  4. Data visualization
    1. Why Data Visualization
    2. Practices for Data Visualization
    3. How to use Visual in Power BI
    4. Reports in Power BI
    5. Charts in Power BI (Scatter, Waterfall, Funnel)
    6. Slicers
    7. Map Visualizations
    8. Gauges and Single Number Cards
  5. Custom visualizations
    1. What Are Custom Visuals?
    2. Office Store
    3. Downloading Custom Visuals
    4. Importing Custom Visuals in Power BI Report
    5. KPI Visuals
    6. Data Binding in Power BI
  6. Power BI Integration page And Administration
    1. Data Gateways
    2. Content packs
    3. Power BI Report Server
  7. Power BI Embedded
    1. Power BI Embedded Conceptual Model
    2. Workspace Collection
    3. Adding Power BI content to a Workspace
    4. Application Authentication Tokens
    5. Parts of Power BI embedded - REST API
    6. Power BI Embedding without an Embed Token
    7. Power BI Embedding with an Embed Token
  8. Power BI Q&A
    1. Power BI Q&A
    2. Dashboard
    3. Dashboard vs Reports
    4. Creating a Dashboard
    5. Dashboard Tiles
    6. Pinning Tiles
    7. Quick Insights with Power BI
    8. Power BI Publisher for Excel









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